There Are No "Rules" For Radicals - Granite Grok

There Are No “Rules” For Radicals

The democrat leadership loves to project their feelings and intentions on others.  By their calculus, if it is happening inside their obsessed little minds everyone has to feel that way.  It is why they can’t help claiming that anything anyone does or says in opposition to them or their agenda does so from a position of fear or hate.  That is how they think and feel.  It is what drives them.  It must also drive you. 

They then filter that misconception into populist rants demanding that everyone within a 100 mile ideological radius of some perceived slight denounce whomever or whatever they have painted as ill will. 

 This is classic Alinsky with a twist.  Rules for Radicals demands that you hold your opponents to their own moral standards, make them follow their own rules, and pummel them (and anyone near them) relentlessly at every opportunity.  They do this knowing humans are flawed and incapable of perfection on their own which is amusing because in their preferred secular state there is only one source of power to guide us and it is them and the same rules do not apply to democrats.

They have to accept that human nature is flawed and that no one can possibly hope to meet expectations for their power plays to work, but even these rules do not apply to democrats unless they are democrats they need to destroy.  There is no honor among thieves (liars, and liberals) which makes their lamentations about rights, equality, or the limits of law or the constitution a belly laugh and a half.  Anyone with even a cursory understanding of the left wing duplicity inherent to such exhortations can only roll their eyes; none of it, none of it will ever apply to them even if they pass the laws themselves.  The moment they become inconvenient some exclusionary homunculus will appear (sometimes in a black robe behind a courtroom bench) to put a full Nelson on the troublesome interpretation until it cries uncle!

That’s if they can’t simply ignore it.

So there are no standards on the left.  Retaining power demands self exclusion from anything that limits legislative whimsy.  And any standards which are implied are but a convenience of the moment to appease the populist rubes in an effort to retain or accumulate power, or to simply limit their opponents ability to act against them with the understanding that democrats have no intention of following those same rules themselves. 

This is the radical foundation of the modern democrat party.  They demand that you trust them with your governance but get pissy if you object or ask too many questions; and they will happily legislate your ability to ask questions away to shut you up.  But you should ask questions.  This is governance by a group of elite central planners who promise a utopia managed by unconstrained, serially flawed and imperfect creatures who view the rule of law, and even the most simple standards and responsibilities as a weakness to be exploited in their opponents and as obstacles to be knocked down, climbed over, run around, ignored, or re-written when they act as brakes against their pursuit of power.

Some of you may be asking…why are you bringing this up, we know all of this stuff already.  It is part of the reason for our success in 2010. I will tell you why.  Because people forget and 2012 is near at hand.  People need to understand not what democrats have done but why they do it, and that they will lie again until you give them another chance.

We must not allow that to happen.  It is imperative that the message go out with pointers to the history of even the past two years.  There are no rules for Radicals.  There are just radicals, and power, and the radicals own the democrat party.

Photo credits: Saul Alinsky, AP Photo Larry Stoddard.(