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Donald Trump’s Impossible Dreams

The blind hatred that consumes President Trump’s enemies is reflected in their poisonous rhetoric, which long ago exceeded inflammatory.  It’s become utterly insane.  They’ve labeled the president a white supremacist, a racist, a fascist, a tyrant, and even a traitor.

moochers electing looters to steal from producers

Notable Quote – Because Nothing Says Envy Like Socialism

Most Socialists are unhappy with their status in life and have resorted to blaming everyone else. ESPECIALLY those richer than themselves. Especially so when they finally figure out (and that’s not a given) that making other decisions throughout their lives would have been more optimal.

George Washington Statue in portland

Attacking Washington

Today, some of the men who founded our country are under attack. George Washington’s skill, character, and leadership were widely acknowledged by his peers. So much so the Continental Congress selected him unanimously to lead the Continental Army.

All Lives Matter

Do Good Dems Have to Pass a Color Litmus Test?

What happened to the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)? Well, it is now more appropriate to say former DCCC executive director. Allison Jaslow was forced to resign from her position Monday, because she’s white. Who is Allison Jaslow? Jaslow is an Iraq War veteran. She attended an all staff meeting on …

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MLK Votes Republican Today

The premise American universities have dangerously devolved into institutions of political indoctrination. They ought to be institutions of higher learning. A recent study of the 60 highest rated liberal arts colleges in the nation found more than 10 professors are registered Democrats for every registered Republican. That means something. Perhaps it means politicization of universities …

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