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White Supremacy

Robert Azzi

A Response to My Post on Robert Azzi’s screed in the Union Leader

This is from Robert Malaby, commenting on the post, “Is the Nackey Loeb School Ruing the Day It Gave Robert Azzi its First Amendment Award?” “What a repulsive piece from Mr. Azzi. Too many items to take issue with in a random internet comment, but two I feel compelled to address.”

Sununu Sun King Laughing

The Predictable, Ugly, Violent Consequences of “CRITICAL RACE THEORY”

This: And this … CRITICAL RACE THEORY … is what Chris Sununu, and his fellow NHGOP-Corporatists, want indoctrinated in New Hampshire schools and New Hampshire businesses … IN ORDER TO SERVE THEIR WOKE CORPORATE MASTERS (and keep the corporate donations flowing). Never forget whose side Sununu and the Corporatist-NHGOP are on … IT’S NOT YOURS.

Ashleigh CRT instructor

Critical Race Theory: A Deeper Definition

The first in this series is here: “What is Critical Race Theory?” in which I reported on Christopher Rufo’s speech at Hillsdale College that graced the page’s of its Imprimis offering. To Recap:

democrats protests and social distancing

Experts Claim Re-Opening is Racist and Evidence of White Supremacy

Boston University would like to get back to business, but some students and faculty are not having it. In a letter titled, “A Call for BU to Dismantle Institutionalized White Supremacy,” they insist that any action which increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19 disproportionately affects people of color.