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This NH Democrat Says NRA Members are White Supremacists and Domestic Terrorists

Matt Towne Barrington NH Democrat

Barrington, New Hampshire Democrat Matt Towne looks like your typical far-left rubberstamp. He voted to raise taxes (multiple times) and to give NH driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. He knows what you should pay people who work for you better than you do, and he’s not a fan of the NRA.

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His opposition finds a voice (probably for the 1000th time) in this remark from June 19th about the FBI investigating White Supremacists. “I specifically include the NRA and its members in this category.” 

Matt Towne Barrington Democrat

Members of this group are domestic terrorists and white supremacists.

So, looking at the last year I can find data, the NRA’s membership consists of 40% women and 40% people of color. That means more than a few female minorities. But I think these numbers are out of date. In the era of COVID and those Left-Wing riots protests, gun sales have soared.

A parallel trend that began before 2020 saw a significant increase in new law-abiding gun owners seeking gun-safety training and concealed carry permits. And a majority of those new gun-rights supporters are women and minorities. Black men and women are arming themselves and getting trained in record numbers.

I think the NRA has more than a 40% minority membership.

And despite what he thinks the NRA invests most of its time on gun safety training. Thousands of classes, across the country every week.

They teach police officers, private security, and (of course) private citizens; first responders, store clerks, business owners, firefighters, church-goers, stay-at-home moms, school teachers, and even Democrats. Close to a third of their members are in the same political party as Barrington, New Hampshire Democrat Matt Town. The guy who thinks Blacks, Hispanics, Asians are white supremacists and domestic terrorists.

In other words, his ideological purity test is so warped he can’t get past it to realize how stupid that sounds. But wait! There’s more!

On the topic of the NRA, more recently, he says,


My comments on the NRA are regarding their rigid ideology against any form of gun safety legislation. Examples that I support include red flag laws, background checks and a 7 day waiting period prior to possession.


Matt does not tell you that the places with these and similar laws he favors all have higher crime rates and exponentially more illegal gun crime than New Hampshire.

We are consistently one of the nation’s safest states. And experts like Matt are dumbfounded.

In other words, based on the data, those laws he likes and wants will make you less safe. Maybe Matt doesn’t know that, but what if he does? It suggests your safety is worth sacrificing to advance his own rigid ideology.

Do you know what else makes you less safe? Democrat majority leadership.

If you need recent examples, look at where all the riots, looting, and rising-crime occur. Democrats have run these cities for decades, all with Matt’s sensible gun laws.

And the people there are not just less safe. If there is systemic racism in any part of the local government, these are places where it rose or expanded under the watch and complete political control of Democrats just like Matt Towne.

So, if you are looking to wrestle with the issues of rigid ideology, how about this?  Explain whether long-term left-wing leadership created the inner-city problem of systemic racism (that we’ve heard so much about these past few months) by accident (incompetence) or on purpose (by design) and why one is not worse than the other?

Because neither Republicans nor the NRA had anything at all to do with that.