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Experts Claim Re-Opening is Racist and Evidence of White Supremacy

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Boston University would like to get back to business, but some students and faculty are not having it. In a letter titled, “A Call for BU to Dismantle Institutionalized White Supremacy,” they insist that any action which increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19 disproportionately affects people of color.

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It is a curious position to take give the facts on the ground.

Did these advocates ever bother to ask why people of people might have an increased incidence of infection? The answer is right before us. It is the same thinking we’ve explored regarding the effort of experts in New Hampshire to find ways to attract black and brown people to the state.

According to experts, the answer to the latter problem is (ironically) social infrastructure, which is a more dense urban environment in the simplest terms. It is walkable with adequate public transportation and other public services. All things that by their nature would increase the chances of transmission of any flu, especially the ‘Rona.’

Do you see the problem?

By their own admission, experts claim that people of color prefer to live and work in an environment where it is easier to rapidly spread a virus. The result of this preference is that it more rapidly spreads a virus within a community. Or, in the parlance of the identity politics post-modernists, “increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19  [and] thus, disproportionately affects the health of those communities.”

Reopening anything that duplicates the environment in which we are told people of color prefer to live (by people of color) is an act of white supremacy?

Wait for it.


Dr. Michael Siegel, a  community health sciences professor at BU, told Campus Reform he felt compelled to support the letter for multiple reasons, including the unfair standards of the “Learn From Anywhere” model and teaching assistants being hired by the School of Public Health if they agreed to teach in person.

“By bringing students back to class in order to protect tuition dollars, BU is putting at risk the most vulnerable populations, which include disproportionately communities of color,” said Siegel in an email. “While the decisions are being made largely by White administrators, they are putting at risk largely people of color. The communities were given no voice.”


If I’m not mistaken, Democrats (of all races) are responsible for the (so-called) preferred lifestyle of people of color in America. They run the cities, control the police forces, and manage the so-called social infrastructure. They are the creators of systemic everything in minority communities from one-parent families, to crime and violence and if and where it actually exists police brutality and racism in those communities.

This is not a white supremacy problem this is a Democrat supremacy problem. And until you realize this, nothing will ever get better and based on the trends in 2020, it is only going to worsen.