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Ah yes, the only…

…thing that Socialism is REALLY good at is violence. (H/T: Powerline)

The Truth No One Wants to Hear

New Hampshire House Assistant Majority Leader Victoria Sullivan joins me to discuss kids culture and violence in the wake of the recent Florida shootings, with a focus on her recent article at NH Political, “The Truth No One Wants to Hear.” Find more ways to listen at the original blog post, here.

Unedited Union Attack Video

Steven Crowder answers the question of pretext to the union violence in Michigan with this unedited video and asks, why are their no union protesters video taping the goings-on while the Right to Work folks have multipe cameras recording activists on both sides. Maybe this is why?   Hot Air

Cause and Effect

If exposure to violence in movies or video games is a catalyst for youth violence, is exposure to welfare and other government handouts a catalyst to generational dependency? The answer to the former is that exposure to the latter is more likely to result in youth violence as they look for the only ways left …

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T-Shirt of the Day

This reminds me of the famous Nietzsche bathroom wall graffiti: God is dead. – Nietzsche Nietzsche is dead. – God

Do Something that Actually Dissuades and Stops Killers

I am sympathetic with Ben Fordham’s call, in his 12/19 letter to the editor of The Citizen of Laconia (, to “DO something“. We should do something that works. What we have been doing fails because it has been based on fantasy, not realism. We have established “gun free zones” to protect children and others, …

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4RG Chairman Hemingway: “Hassan Should Withdraw From Gov Race”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 26, 2012 Media Contact: Andrew Hemingway, 603-203-4063, 4RG CHAIRMAN HEMINGWAY SAYS HASSAN SHOULD WITHDRAW FROM GOV RACE AFTER INCITING VIOLENCE  Republican Governor Candidates Smith/Lamontagne Share Ideas For Boosting New Hampshire’s Economy While Democrat Maggie Hassan Is Talking About Beating Republicans ‘With a Bat’ CONCORD, N.H.—4RG Chairman Andrew Hemingway is calling …

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Swing Away Maggie. Swing Away!

One can only imagine the media firestorm that would erupt from Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley and his troglodytes if Maggie “Louisville Slugger” Hassan was a Republican. John DiStaso-Granite Status (When) asked by an audience member: “How can you beat a Republican opponent in this state this year?” And just as she begins to answer, …

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