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Nice to Finally See Democrats Condemning Violence

After years of silence as Democrat activists rioted in American cities killing dozens and physically, emotionally, and financially injuring thousands of innocent people; destroying billions of dollars of public and private property, and attacking the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court Building; it’s nice to finally see Democrats condemn, rather than support, violence.

Jeanne Shaheen Wicked Witch

“Inconvenient Truths” About Senator Shaheen’s Call for “Unity

Senator Shaheen, My name is Molly Notkin, and I am a registered undeclared voter in Gilford, NH. You and President Biden say that reconciliation and unity are the necessary goal for all of us to heal and effectively collaborate in rebuilding America as a beacon of opportunity, freedom, justice, and truth.

How would you glorify violence?

How Would You Glorify Violence? … Just Asking

A tweet about not attending Biden’s big party is the glorification of violence. At the same time, a tweet from the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. paints Uighur concentration camps and forced sterilization as a victory for women.

Why Did That Happen?

Why Did That Happen? … Will it Happen Again?

We know that political violence begets political violence. It is a fact, it never changes. We watched political violence in our streets for all of 2020. We have to be against that. No matter who commits the violence or under what pretext.