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Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Care about Most Black Lives

Of course black lives matter; all lives matter.  So why are people condemned and fired for saying, “All Lives Matter”?  Because “Black Lives Matter” is a term used to advance the far left “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) political movement.

Bloomberg’s Campaign Infers the Vandalism is from Sanders’ Associates.

Did Bernie Bro’s Vandalize Bloomberg’s Campaign Office?

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign office in Knoxville, Tenn., was vandalized. A campaign volunteer reports finding the damage early Friday morning. Glass doors and windows at the candidate’s office got spray-paint. The messages left employ offensive language and paper signs were left reading “Authoritarian,” “Classist” and “Oligarch.”

Democrat Thugs Were Busy Over the Weekend

Democrat thugs were busy over the weekend in Portland, Oregon. So says a story by Carmine Sabia of Western Journal. Portland, Oregon has been handed to the scum of the Earth by the mayor. The city police condone what is happening. They stand by and watch it happen.

Political Violence is Rising and Escalating

Political Violence is Rising and Escalating

Ryan Saavedra from is reporting that authorities in Florida are dealing with a situation from Saturday. Republican volunteers were registering people to vote. They were working in a tent. A man deliberately rammed a vehicle into the tent.