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Democrats Are Not Just Responsible for the Opioid Crisis Their Policies Keep It Going


Liberals who provide sanctuary to illegal aliens inside the United States are not just breaking the law. They are encouraging law-breaking.  New Hampshire’s opioid crisis is all thanks to Democrat priorities.

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Human trafficking, prostitution, child sex abuse, gangs, drugs, even terrorists.

Criminals operating out of Lawrence, Massachusetts, a sanctuary city in a sanctuary state, continue to pump heroin and fentanyl into the Granite State. New Hampshire’s Left-wingers bemoan the crisis as a human tragedy to be solved with more government while ignoring their complicity. 

Women and young girls are being abused, raped, and killed in transit to the border. Many who make it into the country find themselves in Sanctuary cities where gangs and cartels use them to finance their operations.

Meanwhile, Democrats run around in knitted pink hats at large events organized by socialist anti-Semites. Ignoring the damage their party is doing to women and girls because of their open-borders electoral strategy.

The overdoes and ruined lives, all for a few votes. And they have no intention of changing tack.

Sancturay Map - City, County, State

In the Northeast, only Maine and New Hampshire are not Sanctuary States. Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are Sanctuary states. (Interactive map here)

Major cities in these states likewise declare themselves safe spaces for illegal aliens and illegal activity. The city of Lawrence continues to be a hub for drugs and crime funneled up into New Hampshire. Killing our kids and dividing families.

The Democrat solution? Aside from more government? Let’s add a money-losing, government-run commuter rail. Make it easier to get the drugs and crime into the Granite State. Yes, an express lane!

They don’t say that, but these are the same people who argue that the “sensible” gun laws that made Baltimore more violent than central America will make our state safer.

Safer than what? We’re already one of the safest states in the nation

It might be time to hold Democrats accountable for the side-effects of their so-called public safety priorities: more violence, assault and drug deaths.

If they refuse to stop it, the only alternative is to vote them out of office and replace them with people who will. But we need people to understand why we have this problem and what needs to be done. Spread the word, ask the uncomfortable questions. Get them on the record.