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Intimidation: Tool of the Left

Texas congressman Joaquin Castro posted to Facebook a list of names and employers of Trump donors. The list is from the San Antonio congressional district. In addition to distributing the list of names and workplaces; Castro accuses those on the list of, “contributing to harmful rhetoric that targets the Hispanic community and so many others.”

Know who your friends are…

The charge is obviously political agitation. Minorities as a whole; and Hispanics in particular, have never gotten better economic results from any president… of either party. It is incomprehensible that a national figure would be inciting people to violence on this basis. Mr. Castro’s argument is utterly destroyed by the President’s actions .

Hispanics are experiencing record low unemployment. Wage growth is the best it has been in decades, maybe forever. People understand economic results matter. Those who help you take better care of your family are the ones doing the most for you. People who give you a pocket full of mumbles, and they do it for 50 years; are simply not to be trusted.

Right is not the same as legal…

The question is not whether this doxing is legal. It is. The information is public under Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules. Campaigns must publicly disclose the names and employers of all their donors. The information can be found in filings to the FEC. Which does not make it right, only legal.

The question is whether making it legal provides a target list for whackos. In Alabama vs. NAACP SCOTUS blocked release of NAACP membership lists to prevent targeting of donors and supporters. You see the Supreme Court thinks protecting your freedom of association is protected. It is difficult to understand how the FEC came to a different understanding… How is the Castro doxing different? At some point we need to become a more logically consistent. Context matters, one should not make every decision in a vacuum. It is one reason why values and principles are important.

Political violence is on the rise. At the very least Mr. Castro is inviting harassment of these people. The appearance is that he’s encouraging violence. The decision by Joaquin Castro comes days after two deadly shootings. There is information indicating that both murderers held radical political beliefs. Each seems to have been a leftist.


If the Dems want to go hunting, well, maybe that’s a good thing. Intimidation and violence, up to now, have been a leftist thing. Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street and the list goes on. There will be a point where, enough will be enough, the pendulum swing will stop. When that happens the pendulum will return in the other direction.