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How about a real “conversation” about guns?

Hollywood Hypocrites Gun Violence shooting

If we are about to start “having a conversation” about guns before adding new legislation to previous legislation, which doesn’t stop violence, how about some new, sensible ideas I am sure progressives can support.

First, how about a three-day waiting period after a violent incident where guns were involved, before any news outlet can call for gun confiscation.

You know, until some facts come out. The media can have three days to find out what really happened and who was involved before it is the gun’s fault and the guns need to be taken away.

Hands up! Don’t be writing gibberish until you have calmed down. That doesn’t sound too tough.

Second, no more guns in movies or TV shows. If a person can be punished for making a hand gesture that looks like a gun, but is only fingers and arms, not arms as in real guns, how can we allow Hollywood to kill millions of people each year in the movies with real movie guns?

If Joe Camel made people smoke, then real movie guns must be responsible for thousands of deaths. Movies are real TV shows are real. You can buy them over the counter without a permit.

That brings up the subject of background checks for any movie or TV show that you might want to purchase for self-entertainment.

Throw these ideas at the gun confiscators. How could then not be receptive?

How about a real “conversation” about guns?