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Democrat Thugs Were Busy Over the Weekend

Democrat thugs were busy over the weekend in Portland, Oregon. So says a story by Carmine Sabia of Western Journal. Portland, Oregon has been handed to the scum of the Earth by the mayor. The city police condone what is happening. They stand by and watch it happen.

Courageous black-masked Antifa

The courageous black-masked group of thugs call themselves Antifa. Their actions are as fascist as they come. Just like in Florida it was a Saturday of violence. Is this really what we want America to become? Are we now embracing tyranny enforced by mask-wearing gangs? Really?

Judging by the videos from social media, a lot of arrests should have been made. Now Portland is reviewing the film and looking to identify more suspects. The planned violence was in conjunction with the defacing of a war memorial. Among the messages left in the graffiti were the usual obscenities. They also left “Punch Cops,” “All Cops are Bastards” and “Kill Cops” in spray paint. (Warning strong language, but here’s a link to a video clip)

The Antifa protesters were at Lownsdale Square Park. Their claim is they were countering a march by the KKK. Just, oh by the way, the Klan never showed. Who knows what the truth of the claim really is? What we do know is Antifa went to Lownsdale Square Park. They defaced public property and hurt people. That is what inevitably happens anytime these courageous thugs in masks get together.

Responsible policing Portland style

According to Fox News, Portland police issued a statement saying in part, “… some people in the group began acting in a violent, threatening manner… against attendees who were legally capturing photos and videos.” Fox reports, police said the thugs used metal-tipped umbrellas to assault innocent people. They also appeared to also use other objects and sprays.

In another video a group of protesters is seen pushing a woman into the path of an oncoming car which, thankfully, stopped before striking her.

Portland Police made their usual statement. Their inaction only fuels more of these attacks in the future; that seems to be the logical conclusion. Mayor Ted Wheeler seemingly gives tacit approval of Antifa actions. Fox reports Police Chief Jami Resch said,

“I want to acknowledge the community members who came down to peacefully assemble… and exercise their freedom of speech rights… Unfortunately, a group of people chose to engage in dangerous, illegal behavior. I appreciate the thoughtful, measured response by our officers and law enforcement partners.” Please sir, may I have another?

This is what surrender looks like

It is absolutely clear at this point. Portland is surrendering to the anarchists. Enter there at your own risk. You have no right to express any thought not pre-approved by Antifa. You are physically not safe from being thrown in front of an oncoming car.

That is what the people of Portland voted for apparently. There was violence in Portland similar to what happened in Florida. In Florida a voter registration tent was run through by a car. Violence seems to be the new debate. They are leftists and it is all about using power to establish control. The ends justify the means. Democrat thugs were busy over the weekend from Oregon to Florida.