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The CDC Wants to Use Your Kids To Convince You to Get The Jab™

If ever there was a material representation of the Democrat Parties’ Unity and Civility ‘Let’s all get along’ Narrative, it is their obsession with 100% vaccination. Just Do It. Resistance is futile (The Borg) or Resistance is Useless (The Vogons). In other words our way or no highway.

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To the Merrimack School Board (and others): NO to the Jab!

This is an edited and enhanced version of a handout I created and which was given around at the Merrimack School Board meeting on September 20. I intend to break apart the handout into topical posts (jabs, masks, etc.) while folding in new information as I find it.

Sherm Packard yelling at protesters that are on his side WMUR screenshot

No, Sherm Packard … They Were Yelling At The Right People

So I finally got around to watching #FakeNewsWMUR’s “coverage” of the September 15th press conference held by the House-GOP against Biden’s vaccine mandate. At one point, Speaker Sherm Packard shouts at the crowd “YOU’RE YELLING AT THE WRONG PEOPLE!”

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The Corporate Police-State of America

This: These corporations are already requiring their employees to take an experimental drug, which is euphemistically called “get vaccinated.” Figurehead/Imposter-President Biden has said that he intends the mandate for federal workers to get vaccinated to serve as a model for the private sector. We are living in a police-state. What the government is not doing …

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