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Surprise! – Los Angeles Parents Show Us a Way to Push Back on School Vaxx Mandates

Los Angeles Skyline Original Photo by Pedro Marroquin on Unsplash

We’ve written off the left coast. At least the leftmost part of it. You know, the parts that would fall into the ocean if there was a massive quake or be swallowed by Poseidon’s rage when the seas finally rise from Global whatever it’s called these days. But something just happened in LA that made us do a doubletake.


In September, the nation’s second-largest school district imposed strict vaccine requirements on children 12 and older, with almost no exemptions. The district blinked at the last minute, however, as community activists and Gov. Gavin Newsom questioned the idea of moving more than 30,000 unvaccinated students back into distance learning.


That’s an impressive display, primarily when that represents only 5% of the students in the district. LA Unified propagandizes about 600,000 little humans, so if 5% of them can change a policy, that’s the way to go, people.

I know we don’t have as much of that to deal with here in New Hampshire. It’s illegal for public monied entities to mandate vaccination in the Granite State.

The Blue State’s are pushing the envelope of stupid COVID policy. And while we are vaccinating kids here, which will only turn them into vectors for COVID, no one can mandate that.

Governor Nuisance will probably have a cow, and they’ll find a way to jab the kiddies, so hope may still be lost. And 570,000 kids’ parents in LA Unified did not say they’d object though some number of them must certainly be the silent part of that minority. Folks who don’t want to ay anything and will comply if they have to but would rather not have their kid stabbed with the COVID juice.

That’s all speculation.

What we do know is that the Left never gives up. They keep looking for ways to get what they want. And they will do or say anything to get there from here.

It is why we can never sleep. Never give up. We know they will not.