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So, our two NH based US Senators had the chance to vote on getting rid of earmarks; how’d they do?

Yeah, pretty much as expected: when voting on an amendment that would have banned earmarks (and hopefully, the corruption and self-serving pandering that often comes from it), we had a disparity in voting from our two US Senators.  As far as I am concerned, earmarks are nothing but giveaways to the politically connected.  Beseech a …

So, our two NH based US Senators had the chance to vote on getting rid of earmarks; how’d they do? Read More »

Laying Some Pipe

The Democrat controlled Senate had the opportunity to create jobs, generate growth, add some tax revenue, and did I say create jobs? But Harry Reid couldn’t bring himself to get the Keystone XL Pipeline project approved before the recess.

The Invertebrate Jeanne Shaheen?

So did Jeanne Shaheen vote for cloture on the Reid’s Frankenstein tax compromise and will she vote to pass it? I ask because it includes Billions for a one year extension of ethanol subsidies that Senator Shaheen just insisted we could not afford.

What’s Greene Shaheen Up To?

Senator Shaheen has signed onto a letter to Senate Majority leader Reid and Minority leader McConnell, suggesting that the corn based ethanol mandates, and all the tariffs and protections associated with it, not be extended.


Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air shares with us Senator Jeff Sessions revelation that despite the events of early November, Mr. Reid has submitted his badly written DREAM act aka-amnesty bill, on four seperate occassions in recent months. Ed brings the point home so well I’ll not even try to do better. (As if I even could)

Food For Thought

Over here, you’ll find Senator Shaheen crowing about how great the new food safety bill is, and how she, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, helped pass it. (It’s crap like all the other dem bills but that’s not why she’s an ass.)
She is an ass because (and if it makes you feel better Judd Gregg is an ass for being both a co-sponsor and a yeah vote) there are provisions in this Senate bill (S510) that….raise taxes.

Nothing Fair About It

Every now and people who appear rational find themselves repeating nonsense, usually in the Nashua Telegraph which is one of New Hampshire leading sources for editorial nonsense.  This time around it’s a guest commentary from Robert Collinsworth, who has an internet footprint large enough to identify him as an otherwise sensible guy.  So why has …

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