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If Bill Greiner is A “Good Republican” …

Aaron Day joins us, fresh off the denial of the gag order requested against him in a lawsuit lead by Bill Greiner. Our conversation features names like Greiner’s (whose lawyer is Hillary State vice-chair Bill Shaheen), Andy Crews (the chair of Ted Gatsas Gubernatorial Campaign), and Dick Anagnost.  

Hassan Sex Abuse Cover up

Gov. Maggie Hassan is running for US Senate and she’s got a problem. She had a known sexual predator involved in her gubernatorial campaign and a recent poll shows that voters who know this are less likely to vote for her in November.  

GrokTALK! May 21st, 2016

We welcome Dr. Michael Brown to the program to talk about LGBT politics, the Transgender bathroom edict, and the course of cultural politics in the waning days of the Obama years. Before that,guest host Aaron Day, and backup guest host/guest Dan Hynes talk upcoming November races,Aaron’s third-party US Senate bid, and Dan’s run for the …

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Kelly Ayotte Went “Washington”

In Part II of our conversation with Bill O’Brien we explore how NH Senator Kelly Ayotte ran as a conservative but quickly demonstrated (once elected) that what “Washington” wants comes before campaign promises, GOP Platforms, or even the US Constitution.  

Ending Sen. Ayotte’s Republican Reign of Error

Bill O’Brien joins us to talk about last weeks meeting of grassroots activists; they are looking for a single Republican candidate to primary NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte. We discuss why she can’t win the General and how she got here from there–after running in 2010 under the Tea Party banner.

Hassan vs Ayotte

Is Gov. Hassan going to challenge Kelly Ayotte for a US Senate seat in NH? If not, who? And what about Kelly and the new PAC that has risen to support her called “Commitments Kept”?  

Limiting Principles? What Limiting Principles?

We continue with Mike Farris, on the political abandonment of the limiting principles of the constitution. How we got here. How we get back. Then it’s on to the Iran treaty and how 4 presidential candidates (from the US Senate) violated the constitution when they voted to change the rules for ratifying treaties.    

Mark Lucas AFP – Road to Reform

Regional AFP Direceto Mark Lucas joins us to discuss the Road to Reform, the Export-Import Bank, disappointment in Republicans after the elections and how and why you need to hold these elected officials accountable.