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Andy Martin 2020 for US Senate Uses Jeanne Shaheen to Attack the NHGOP

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Andy Martin is a feature of New Hampshire politics. He’s always running for something (and against something). He never wins, unless by winning you mean trying to destroy other Republicans. This time he has his eye on the Senate Seat held by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen.

Or, more accurately, whichever Republican runs against Senator Shaheen.

Martin has been a political activist in New Hampshire for a decade. In 2018 he upended the First District congressional primary when he devastated the leading candidate with embarrassing disclosures. Martin has been fighting to revitalize the decrepit New Hampshire Republican Party, which in 2018 spent more money fighting his reform efforts than it did supporting actual Republican candidates.

“The New Hampshire GOP today is a ‘shell’ of a political organization,” Martin says. “It is simply not capable of winning federal elections against the local Democratic machine. The party has been devastated by corrupt and incompetent leadership in the past decade. I hope the new chairman will conduct honest and open primary elections. If he does, he has my complete support. If he does not, we will take the corrupt party leaders down, again. 2018 was a warning. Up until recently, the party was led by anti-Trump saboteurs. How can you win when you are opposing the party’s nominee and incumbent?

“I support President Donald Trump.

“Lists of names have been mentioned as potential primary opponents for me. I urge them to look back to 2018, when we ran primary opponents through a buzz saw that changed the face of the general election. I am ready to take on all comers in my efforts to support the president and give New Hampshire a rational voice in the U. S. Senate.

So, Andy Martin’s message in announcing his candidacy is, I’m running against Jeanne Shaheen and I will destroy any Republican who primaries me, but I welcome the challenge. 

About the NHGOP

To his point about the state party, in the past, the NHGOP has had a very sorry record in Federal elections. We can mostly blame Jen Horn for that. Prior to her reign, the biggest culprit was Fergus Cullen. Both are never-trump RINO progressive enablers of the highest order. And we’ve consistently gone after these progressive stooges. 

So, we agree that they need to be held to account, no matter who is in charge.

And I agree that you should focus on “destroying” Shaheen politically if you think you can. But I think you should have led with that.

Just my opinion.