Heh! Ray Buckley is having an apoplectic fit that Bill O'Brien is running against Jeanne Shaheen - Granite Grok

Heh! Ray Buckley is having an apoplectic fit that Bill O’Brien is running against Jeanne Shaheen

Funny, though – he couldn’t come up with a better “far-right extremist” description?  Hey Don Bolduc hasn’t served a day as an elected official but Buckley and his cohort used the exact same wording.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d that that ANY Republican is just that….oh wait!

Here’s his missive to his far-left howling pack of Progressives (see, Ray, take a small lesson – tiny bite at a time) (emphasis Buckley’s):

Dear Democrats,

Tomorrow, Bill O’Brien is announcing he’s running for the U.S. Senate.

Yes, that Bill O’Brien, the far-right extremist, is running against our Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Far-right extremist“? C’mon Ray, don’t you have a “diversity” of written skills?  Does it always have to be the same old shop-worn phrase that say “Not our kind of Socialist”?  You couldn’t even crank out a “TEA Partier” (you USED to call him that) or even a lame “Free Stater” monniker?  Sheesh….faux outrage with “nothing special from a Democrat” vocabulary exhibition.  Either you’re frothing too much at the mouth to type out something memorable or, as Trump would say, “just tired”.

We know O’Brien and we know what he’s capable of from his time as Speaker of the NH House. In fact, many of the people who made up his leadership team have already endorsed him.

I dunno how he does it – calls Bill the same he called the General AND still showed his cards who he fears more.  Yes Ray, we DO know what O’Brien is capable of – he destroyed the set up you Democrat left him with that $800 million deficit because “limited” DOESN’T exist in your vocabulary.  You set the trap and he closed – on you.  And those that helped to do that have already massed to stand with him.  Yes, Ray, you ought to have nightmares (in between your sweet dreams of “Hitler shoulda bombed it”).  No more “US Ambassador from the Federal Government to NH” for you!

He’s already embracing the label of “Trump before Trump” and, if elected, we know he’ll stand with radical right-wing senators like Ted Cruz.

Ah, so you now admit, like with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, and Obama, you hate the strictures placed upon Democrat / Socialist politicians by the US Constitution? You know, that document that is supposed to be our foundational Law?  Perhaps I should bring a copy over – it seems that many of your followers have a severe lack of understanding of TRULY radical ideas.   One that puts the Individual over the Collective.  I know, hard concept to get over but I’m willing to come tutor you for as long as it would take.  I’ll have you talking “Originalist” like a pro in no time flat!

I make that offer as I’ve interviewed Ted Cruz – and each and every time, we ended up of how the Democrats have not only abandoned the Constitution’s precepts but are actively seeking to destroy it.

At least you broadened your missive’s vocab a bit: radical.  +o.10, dude.

That’s not all.

Bill O’Brien will support Trump’s inhumane family separation policies.

Started under the Obama Administration.  Seriously, I’d look it up for you if you needed to be reminded.  The court case, too!

Bill O’Brien will do anything to defund Planned Parenthood and take away women’s reproductive rights.

Darn right he’ll stop the killing of babies.  Hey Ray, while we’re at it, wanna comment on why now former PP Prez was canned?  For, as a medical doctor, wanting the organization to, well, you know, strengthen its HEALTHCARE mission over its abortion killing spree?  And why is it, Ray, that when you look at where those PP “healthcare clinics” are located, combined with the black abortion rates, do you see a connection back to PP’s beginnings? Or is that a truth to radical to contemplate?  But I digress.

Bill O’Brien will continue to embrace Trump’s efforts to take away health care from tens of thousands of Granite Staters, even veterans.

Take away?  Well there’s a slight slight of hand attempt if I must say so.  How about letting us make our OWN choices, Ray?  Isn’t that a quality of its own, instead of being put into a one-size-fits-no-one Democrat system that is “affordable” only if you’re on Government subsidies (and those only available by taking money away from other families to do so)?

But you’re a Bernie-Bro, right?  His program will RIP everyone’s current program away – like it or not.

If you’re committed to stopping O’Brien from getting anywhere near the U.S. Senate, add your name today.

I’m ready to defeat Bill O’Brien
Let’s stop this extremist before he begins.

I do not think you know what that word really means – which is, pretty much from overuse, just another word for “I’m blithering”.

Thanks for everything you do,

And thank YOU, Ray, for yet another afternoon hour for happy blogging (yeah, it took a while – too much giggling and guffawing).  Keep’em coming – they amuse me.