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The 603 Alliance Endorses Bill O’Brien for US Senate

Bill O'Brien US Senate

As the Democrats ramp up for the Presidential primary, we hear progressively louder demands for open borders, socialized health care, and increasingly absurd standards of political correctness. Our current US Senators claim to be centrists but have consistently voted in support of a radical agenda. New Hampshire can do better.

This Tuesday, Bill O’Brien is expected to announce that he will be seeking the Republican nomination for the US Senate.

Bill has led the fight for fiscal restraint, lower taxes, less-intrusive government, and a return to common sense. As the NH Speaker of the House, he led Republican efforts to rein in the bloated budget that he had inherited from the Democrats. He has defended the 2nd Amendment, fought for a vibrant New Hampshire economy, and been a voice for the protection of innocent life.

O’Brien has defended parental rights, voter integrity, personal freedoms, and transparency in state government. Thanks to his leadership, New Hampshire eliminated the auto registration surcharge, passed a range of tax relief measures for job-creators, repealed the tax on internet service, and cut numerous government fees for individuals and small businesses.

Time and time again, Bill O’Brien has held fast to his principles and worked to bring common sense back to state government. He has consistently refused to water down his positions to suit the demands of big-government advocates and the special interests they represent. All while enduring partisan attacks, harassment, the Democrat party smear machine, and even routine death threats; for a salary of $100 a year.


Donald Trump’s election proved that voters want leaders who are willing to upset the status quo when necessary. In a world filled with squishy, waffling politicians, voters have been clear: they want candidates who will speak plainly and follow through on their promises.

Bill O’Brien’s record stands as proof that he keeps his promises.

The 603 Alliance is proud to endorse Bill O’Brien to be New Hampshire’s next US Senator.