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NHGOPe RINOs Unintentionally Try to “Convince” Corey Lewandowski to Run for US Senate

Corey Lewandowski

What happened moments after Corey Lewandowski hinted at entering the Republican primary race to challenge Jeanne Shaheen? New Hampshire’s RINO’s spat out their Cabernet and hollered NO! Not the smartest move. Now Corey will want to say YES!

Anyone with any sense of the way things work these days would understand that. The moment you openly object you have (at least in the minds of the NHGOPe) opened something of a Pandora’s box.

A non-establishment candidate with the full faith and support of the President of the United States. Yeah, that Trump fellah. The one you can’t stand who doesn’t bow before foreign leaders, bend the knee to the liberal media or cry at the word games of Leftists.

The guy who would crash the stock market, start a nuclear war, blah blah blah. Lewandowski would be his guy.

The Daily Beast spoke to some Republicans defined as “advisors” and ‘strategists’ about that and it went about how you’d expect.

“It makes me extremely nervous,” one senior Republican advisor in the state said. “He is as much of a shadow of the president as you can find. That will hurt us down ballot.”

Excuse me? When Trump was on the Ballot in 2016, the NH Republicans won the Governor’s office and held majorities in the Executive Council and both State legislative chambers. Down-ticket, indeed!

A second Republican strategist in the state put it bluntly: “It would certainly give more ammunition to Jeanne Shaheen.”

Excuse me? They’ve been calling every Republican a White supremacist, racist, bigot, and have compared us all to Nazis and Hitler. For decades. The Democrat state party Chair even went after independents who might talk to Republicans in New Hampshire. So, what’s this new ammunition we are going to see from Shaheen? The great economy? The record employment for minorities and people getting off food stamps?

“I think his strongest supporter is the person who he looks at in the mirror,” former New Hampshire Attorney General Tom Rath said.

“My guess is he wouldn’t be the frontrunner,” he added of Windham resident, who spends much of his time outside of the state.

I can’t speak to either point but any establishment opinion is colored by TDS, so I’ll move along to the strangest observation.

One strategist warned of a potential Scott Brown scenario playing out in the height of 2020.

What do they mean?

RINO Scott Brown carpetbagged his pretty ass into the Granite State to run for the Senate, stole the nomination, and lost to Shaheen in 2014. The thinking now, if you dare call it that, is that She will use the same playbook on Lewandowski. Who, for many years, was the (wait for it) state director for AFP in New Hampshire! Not the same thing.

One more point. We don’t win these races often. The old ways are not working. And if this sounds like I want Corey to run that’s not the intention.

It is my opinion (or at least my point) that stories like this will have a catalyzing effect not just on Corey but on The Donald. If the President decides these NHGOPe whiners deserve a primary challenger named Lewandowski and that with a bit of help he might shake it up and make that seat Republican, guess what?

Lewandowski runs.

If he does, Trump will be in New Hampshire more often which, believe it or not, should be better for Republicans down the ballot. Why? Because the independents who support Trump (we’ve got a lot of them) will be energized to show up and vote Republican. That didn’t happen in 2018 when Democrats swept up everything in New Hampshire but the governor’s office.

The real problem, I think, is that these “strategists” won’t be able to control Lewandowski if he wins any more than they can Trump. And that’s not how politics is supposed to work.

| The Daily Beast