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The Purge is Cancellation … Reichstag Fire

What is happening is reminiscent of the Reichstag Fire. Many leftists and opponents of President Trump are calling to purge him and his supporters from public life. Now these purges are beginning in earnest.

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Biden Unity Speech Won’t Age Well After Trump Wins

A rabid Liberal in the town of Hollis has erected a large lighted peace sign in her field. Just in time for the call to unity. After four years of being egged, attacked, implicated, accused, threatened, doxxed, and assaulted, they want Republicans to believe they want peace. No, they don’t.

Rope a Dope

Rope a Dope … Submission is not Unity

Biden’s call for unity harkens back to Muhamad Ali’s Rope a Dope strategy against Joe Frazier. Americans are right at this point to have some serious trust issues. Calls for unity in our polarized time are out of place and at best ill-timed.

The mandate for unity

The Mandate for Unity … Decency Fairness and Hope

Biden is claiming the mandate for unity. Nobody becomes president or president-elect until vote counts are certified. Fact. Victory speeches aside, the media and the Democrat candidate, are getting the cart before the horse. Over the weekend Biden spoke of his mandate to govern. It might be premature to claim a mandate before you get …

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When Should the Biden Impeachment Hearings Begin?

With one of the most divisive and chaotic elections in American history not yet concluded, Joe Biden is calling for ‘unity.’  As one commentator on Fox News asked:  Where were Democratic calls for unity when Trump was elected?  It’s a fair question.

Eli Clemmer

This is the time for Unity. 

With a primary this Tuesday we must remember that working together to unseat the Democrats is our primary goal. To this end, I, Eli Clemmer, am supporting and endorsing my prior primary opponent Steve Negron for U.S. Congress in the 2nd District.