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Sununu – “Libertarians Are Not Republicans” and if You Don’t Like His Republican Party, Leave (Audio)

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Chris Sununu is talking about 2022. He’s making a pitch about Republican unity. Well, he thinks he’s doing that. What he’s actually doing is promoting party affiliation purity. To use Pandemic-parlance, he’s defining essential and non-essential Republicans.

The former will agree with him and do whatever he asks; the latter does not. It’s that simple, and he’s clear as vodka.

After suggesting we need to stick together and let the socialists crack apart (as we march toward the 2022 elections), he lumps everyone who objects to his totalitarian impulse into one group.

He doesn’t call them Free Staters (the left’s boogeyman word). He calls them Libertarians.

We should always have that robust, healthy debate – as long as, in the end, we agree to agree with Chris Sununu. And if you disagree, leave the Party and join the Libertarians.

He says that, but it’s bigger than that.

His unity message is a party purity message, and he is Dear Leader.

He is having a tantrum. Conservatarians are gumming up his plans. They don’t want unchecked race-shaming, an unfunded Public Servant entitlement, and they’d like to see some constitutional restraint embossed into statute.

Chris Sununu wants none of that, and if you resist, you are not a Republican – pretending to be a unity message. We need to stick together to grow our majorities in 2022, so “Republicans” can “really get stuff done.” Like what? More unfunded entitlements and power for Lord-King Sununu?

He goes on a bit about perception. About what this looks like. That the citizens are counting on us to do it. Really counting on us to get it right. The “it” and the “right” are what he says, and anyone (in that fringe element) who disagrees can leave the Republican Party.

He also says, all that matters is winning, and I guess to do that we have to be like him?

Great unity message, governor.  You just crapped all over the Republican party, not based on the idea of robust debate, or compromise, or unity – you appear incapable of either – but because you want to have your way.

So we can get stuff done. What stuff? More of your totalitarian impulses? Unfunded public servant entitlements (FMLI). Abrogating the 4th and first amendments ‘cuz Flununu?

Winning matters, yes, but what you do with it determines if you deserve that win or any other.

We’ve seen what you do when you win. If your goal for the NHGOP is an army of Sununu-clones, I, for one, will take a hard pass, and I’m not alone.

Not everyone thinks what you want is best for the citizens who count on them or the Republican party.

And they think the core principles of the party and the notion of individual liberty buttressed by constitutional limitations on political power are why they are Republicans.

This is larger than you, Chris Sununu, and it’s bigger than winning, or your perception of a winning Republican Party; This is about New Hampshire and what you want is not what’s best.

And, now, neither are you.

Here’s the entire three minutes and twenty-eight seconds. Go, Team! /Sarcasm

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