Those on the Left Should Enjoy the Illusion While It Lasts - Granite Grok

Those on the Left Should Enjoy the Illusion While It Lasts


Now that Joe Biden is the president we need to “all come together,” said the voices from the left. Sure, but don’t forget for more than just the last four years those same voices preached hate, lies, smears, slanders, excused assaults, rioting, looting, burning, and murders, but we on the right, the targets of all this, must forgive and forget?

Anyone else see a problem here?

Here’s a reality check. We’re humans, not saints and the left has created a wall of division and mistrust so high and so wide this nation will likely never recover from it.

Should we be surprised when violence has become the currency of our politics or that violence and repression will follow upon its success?

Already those voices on the left are suggesting forced re-education or prison for Trump’s 75 million supporters. Can anyone imagine that could be done peacefully, nonviolently?

President Biden is going to nominate a half dozen or so new justices to the Supreme Court then outlaw “free speech, religious assembly, private gun ownership while rewarding China, Iran, North Korea, and terrorist organizations.

While doing all this he’s promised to raise our taxes, kill our oil and natural gas production and fund any and every pie-in-the-sky green energy plan that comes along.

None of any of this is a recipe for a peaceful and prosperous nation, as we will all find out in the near future. But let the left rejoice while the illusion is fresh and the dream seems real. Who can blame them? They worked so hard to destroy our republic, after all.