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What the Impeachment Charade Was Really All About

Gun Confiscation

Why is it Leftists tell each other they need surveillance, isolation and censorship of people like me? Yes, we are people who vote for candidates who run in opposition to Party rule. Let me posit to you: it is not we that are the danger; it is thee.

It is improbable Joe Biden can have a conversation with much of anyone these days. His dementia continues to progress. He was barely functional when he for office, kept hidden in his basement. And de has done nothing since the election showing he values the inhabitants of the nation of which he is president. That is our new president.

The Democrat Party is demonstrating since the inauguration that it does not listen to or talk with anyone who has not demonstrated submission to the collective. That’s the reason they have Anarchists, Antifa and BLM. Don’t believe it, ask Seattle and Portland. Those cities are the expression of what Leftists aspire to for the nation.

We must protect the least among us

Democrats today are Leftists. They would rather crush us quickly and permanently this time. Doing so is a prophylactic measure. Its design is to prevent another Tea Party-type uprising. That might disrupt Leftist plans and maybe threaten their political power. Political opponents cannot be therefore be tolerated.

This is what the impeachment charade was really all about: banishing Trump and America First into permanent political exile. Trump is a man. He is a human complete with flaws. But he does love his country. He did put country before himself. Many of us aspire to the courage that takes.

Unity is a noble ideal. We should all hope and pray for unity. May it return to the American political and cultural landscape. But the cost of our rights is too high a price to pay for unity. We do not achieve unity at the expense of our rights. Our rights are God given. They require no permission from the government. You do well to read the U.S. Constitution and remember this truth.

We will not make an idol out of unity. America is based not on the collective but on the individual. For if we refuse to protect the least among us how can the collective ever be more? Unity is important. But we will not lift it up as the highest of ideals. We will not allow you to silently rob us of the truly American ideals: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The discipline to follow these ideals is what God gives us that makes America great.