Next Election be Held at Democrat Campaign Offices? - Granite Grok

Next Election be Held at Democrat Campaign Offices?

Red Riding Hood talking wolf

Will the next election be held at Democrat campaign offices nationwide? Will there be poll tests about equity and white privilege before votes may be cast? Who knows at this point?

Democrats aren’t proposing that Americans unite under the Constitution. There’s no room in the Constitution for criminalizing political opposition. In fact there’s no room for impeaching presidents after they leave the office. The Democrats want to make sure we stay within the shrinking bounds of socialist discipline. Is any of this sinking in?

There are new rules and new definitions

Unity means bringing the opposition into the dialectic. Making sure that it plays by the new rules of the game. Yes, even if the rules are continuously reinvented week after week by way of convenience. The new rules of unity are:

  1. Questioning an election that the Democrats claim to have won is impermissible.
  2. No one may say anything that Big Tech doesn’t like.
  3. It is forbidden to say Biden’s Assistant Health Secretary is a middle-aged man. He runs around in a dress and a flowing blonde wig.
  4. The next election will be held at Democrat campaign offices; for the greater good.

Questioning an election has become incitement to insurrection. Suggesting that there’s anything illegitimate about Biden is sedition. Unity means believing Joe Biden legitimately won the election. An election for which Democrats:

  1. Changed the rules
  2. Then declared a national emergency
  3. Then inaugurated him behind barbed wire and lines of soldiers authorized to shoot.
  4. And believing that his assistant health secretary is a woman.
The essence of Party discipline

Believing implausible things is the essence of party discipline. You now need to understand how hardcore Communists could shout, “Long live Stalin” just before they were shot in the gulags. It happens because they had a generation of conditioning to believe whatever they were told.

George Orwell wrote in 1984, the book, not the year, “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command,”

When slavery is freedom, and ignorance is truth, then repression becomes healing. The dialectic unites opposites, turning lies into truth, and flattening all contradictions. The message of the party becomes a gnostic mystery whose paradoxes are overcome by political faith. The evidence of our eyes and ears is more valuable than ever in the environment of lies in which we live.

Where ever tyranny rears its ugly head

What we see and what we hear provides us scant evidence of unity. We are seeing and hearing plenty of repression. Americans aren’t coming together. No, instead, we are experiencing separation by force. This is happening through the use of a make-believe political emergency. It is something, a declaration by insurrectionist rioters, suddenly turned patriots.

D.C. isn’t the epicenter of unity and healing. It will be the center of a wave of political purges targeting everyone. From President Trump to ordinary Americans we face criminalization of our political views. We are at risk. There’s no healing in show trials and political purges. All that is there is revenge.

Only the unity that comes from eliminating the political opposition is in your ability to sleep better. Knowing the opposition is permanently out of the way unites your thoughts and relaxes you. That only happens through genocide. It takes massive force and even larger amounts of hatred. That’s been the case in Cambodia, Russia, China, Germany; where ever tyranny rears its ugly head.