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BLM, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois

Happy Labor Day?

Today unions representing millions of workers are threatening to authorize strikes. Those strikes are not for better wages. They have nothing to do with working conditions. The strikes are not even for the union members. They are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and social justice.

Fracking Pennsylvania

Democrats Disenfranchising Millions More Blue Collar Workers

The Democrats threw white middle-class workers under the bus in 2016, and it cost them an election. But you learn from your mistakes, or maybe you’re too damn smart to learn anything. That would be Democrats, who pissed of the police unions already and have now turned off a 3 million-member trade union.

Understanding the USPS’s Situation

Understanding the USPS Situation

Before we spring for a $75 billion bailout perhaps we should take a few minutes for understanding the USPS Situation. Last Friday the US Postal Service made a financial disclosure. It reveals the postal system has sufficient resources to continue operations for at least an entire year.