Biden’s* 15.00/Hour Minimum Wage Order Will Help Union Bosses Fund Democrat Campaigns - Granite Grok

Biden’s* 15.00/Hour Minimum Wage Order Will Help Union Bosses Fund Democrat Campaigns

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Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA*) has Joe Signing another Executive Order. It’s meant to sound like lower-class goodness, but the only people Biden is helping are Union Bosses and Democrat politicians.

It would require anyone doing contract work for the Feds to pay their workers at least 15.00/hour, and the optics are that foodservice and maintenance/cleaning workers will benefit but will they?

Democrats already expect federal contractors to be unionized. If most are in a union (upon which the Left insists), aren’t they already making a “living wage”?


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  • What other purpose, then would this serve?
  • How deep and wide will this executive Order go?
  • Will it apply to all federal monies and all workers with these contractors whether they are doing the people’s business or not?
  • How much more money will we need to allocate to offset any increase in labor costs?
  • Doesn’t the White House have to ask Congress to take that money from you before it can spend it?

Is it racist to ask these questions? (That’s rhetorical)

My guess, and I’ve said this for years, is that the only benefactors in the fight for 15 are union bosses.

Any perceived base rate wage hike means leveraging higher pay for people at higher-paying jobs. The bosses can then take a raise for themselves by increasing union dues.

All of that will just cost taxpayers more money (we pay the contracts) laundered through unions into Democrat campaigns as donations, in-kind support, or raw organizing power on phones, at doors, and on the street.

The bottom line is this. Biden isn’t trying to lift lower-income workers up. He is lining the pockets of political allies who will then return the favor.