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NH Dems Take Note: Massachusetts Has Mass Public School Teacher Layoff ‘cuz COVID19

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Towns in Massachusetts are laying off public school teachers. In some cases, more than one hundred per district. Why? The COIVID19 shutdown Democrats were so hot for has harpooned tax revenues: no commerce, no money, no revenues, no paychecks.

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Stakeholders, Democrats, teachers, unions, (did I mention Democrats?), want taxes raised to prevent the layoffs. When did Democrats not want taxes raised, you ask? Never. That’s what makes the New Hampshire Left’s lower-property taxes narrative so damn funny. And yes, they are connected.

Granite State Lefties have been chitting like chipmunks over the idea of lowering property taxes when what they are after is a broad-based tax, and a state takeover of education funding (see also, control). Directed from Concord, Democrats can grow school budgets and launder more of your money into union power. No more local interference. Control curriculum. The whole nine yards.

That’s sort of what they do in Massachusetts. And it has worked well. Not for tax burden. Massachusetts towns have still have high property taxes because the town spending is still out of control. But Massachusetts has a much higher overall tax burden than New Hampshire because when you delocalize authority, you get more spending and higher taxes and all the waste, fraud, and abuse that go with it.

That’s the dirty secret. While the NH Dems are chitting about lowering property taxes, not one of them wants to reduce spending. The property tax scheme is a bait and switch. Your taxes have to go up if the Democrats spend more, and they want to spend more every year. So, taxes are going up every budget cycle; they just want to find a way to hide that from you. A new income or sales tax would work well, along with raising fees, which they already do every chance they get.

And property taxes will still go up, they always do.

Down in Taxachusetts, they need education funding from the state that they can’t “live” without. But the COVID19 shutdown twisted the revenue hose. Nothing is coming out. In its absence, towns and school districts are handing out pink-slips.

And how do the “stakeholders respond?” These layoffs will balloon the number of students per classroom. Learning will suffer. Think about the children!

But what if some of those students just took their learning and a lot fewer dollars to some other school? A private, charter, Religious, Online, or alternative that could then hire those teachers, not because of the politics of left-wing education money laundering, but because of supply and demand?

The Education Industrial Complex doesn’t want that either. The Cartel pushes and passes laws and rules that make school choice a big hassle. But then along comes Virus Socialism—a chance to kill the economy in the pursuit of damaging Donald Trump. A grotesque overreaction that has killed jobs, destroyed businesses, and shut off the life-blood of government. Other people’s productivity.

The Dems in Massachusetts say raise taxes so we can pay teachers but raise it on what? Everything, they will say. We have to keep the machine of government not just running at all costs but growing.

There are few better examples of what Democrat Socialism is than this. The use of government force for the destruction of everything or anything but government. 

Massachusetts has it, New Hampshire Democrats want it. Only you can keep them from it.