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The US Sun Afghani woman shot on soccer field by Taliban


It’s estimated “only low hundreds” of Americans were left behind in Afghanistan, and “maybe they chose to stay”? And maybe we should believe Biden is a master strategist and political savant and only acts like a befuddled idiot to fool our unfriendly opponents?

Bidenese video screen grab - Not the Bee

Data Point – So What Did Biden Give the Taliban?

As Powerline points out, WE are being subjected to all kinds of WuFlu/COVID lockdowns and passports and masks but in the pictures being shown of those being evacuated from Afghanistan (in those giant C-17 transport planes), are ANY of them wearing masks?

Fall of Saigon - Image from Diplomacy.state.gov

Biden’s Saigon

As I watched the helicopters flying from our Embassy in Kabul to the airport trying to evacuate the personnel before the Taliban makes it impossible, it reminded me of Saigon in 1975.