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Afghanistan: How American Big Tech Helped the Taliban Subjugate Women and Girls

Islam burqa hijab Photo by Elin Tabitha on Unsplash

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a huge hit with the extremist Taliban. They have “used WhatsApp and Twitter for years to share official statements, but in the past week, it has escalated its use of the platforms, using WhatsApp to announce new rules for Kabul residents.”

I guess the militant subjugation of women by jihadi extremists does not violate Facebook’s terms of service?

Nor Twitter?

Several Taliban spokesmen have maintained Twitter accounts for years, regularly tweeting updates on negotiations and regional battles. The accounts often post photos and videos from frontlines, which are then copied and shared by pro-Taliban accounts.

These platforms claim that they take down anything that violates their terms of service but again, at what point does reality meet the partisan fantasy realm in which these Demorrhoids live. I’m referring to the peeps at Facebook and Twitter.

A group that subjugates women and denies them basic human rights have been using their platforms for years to advance the cause of… subjugating more women.

Facebook punished us for daring to challenge a Democrat candidate (who was not forced to wear a hijab or burqa) who lied about voting and election in New Hampshire.

Little did we know, the Taliban have been using Facebook bandwidth via WhatsApp to coordinate their conquest, not just of the political boundaries of Afghanistan, but every woman and girl in it and, if Allah wills it, every other woman they can gain control over including those working for Mark Zuckerberg at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California.

Alternately, they are just as happy to kill them.

Every company has to have a vision: nice work, there, Big Tech.