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Projection: Democrat Calls Republicans #Taliban After His Democrat Turns 19 Million Women Into Slaves


A NH Democrat compared Republicans to the Taliban. Is this a drunk-tweeting admission of guilt via projection? You and yours pushed that Biden fellow into the White House, and he just erased the rights of 18.9 million girls and women.

Democrats think they are all about women’s rights.

That would be all women in the country. No more job, no career, no education, no freedoms of any kind. But they get to wear the “sub-class uniforms.”

Democrats did that.

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Yes, Skip touched on it here, and Cornerstone tied it to the Left’s pro-abortion machine here, so I’d like to go a bit deeper down David Meuse’s Democrabbit hole again because he’s a member of the party of women (cough-cough).

The Taliban:

According to,

Upon seizing power, the Taliban regime instituted a system of gender apartheid effectively thrusting the women of Afghanistan into a state of virtual house arrest. Under Taliban rule women were stripped of all human rights – their work, visibility, opportunity for education, voice, healthcare, and mobility.

      • Banished women from the workforce
      • Closed schools to girls and women and expelled women from universities
      • Prohibited women from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a close male relative
      • Ordered the publicly visible windows of women’s houses painted black and forced women to wear the burqa (or chadari) – which completely shrouds the body, leaving only a small mesh-covered opening through which to see
      • Prohibited women and girls from being examined by male physicians while at the same time prohibited female doctors and nurses from working

Women were brutally beaten, publicly flogged, and killed for violating Taliban decrees. Even after international condemnation, the Taliban made only slight changes


That was what happened when they took control in 1996 (ish). Joe Biden just gave them a do-over, but the prognosis is nearly identical. Back to the 7th century (with some 21st-century war machine hardware, thanks to Biden Joe), global jihad, women are property, etc., David. Nice work.


Republicans in New Hampshire:

The Meuse whines about redistricting and election tampering (seriously?) and ignores the problem his party has created for women. Let’s contrast that with another so-called pro-women donkey that Democrats like to beat. Abortion.

If a woman wants to kill her unborn baby, Republicans in NH would like them to decide within the first 6-months of their pregnancy.

If they can’t decide before 24-weeks and still want to kill their baby, they are allowed to take a short drive into Maine or Vermont, where Planned Parenthood or some other similar service will gladly perform the surgery. Another woman can drive, and no male members of either family must be present.

To Review

Democrats elevated a moron who just made 18.9 million women into sex slaves and chattel overnight, and you are calling Republicans the Taliban?

I know you lefties are busy. Teaching white kids they were born racists. Convincing educators that Muslims were not the cause of 9/11. Adding to the national debt. Returning us to Nazi science and forced medical treatment. Mandatory passports for access to everyday things (papers, please!). Not much bandwidth, but you found time to tweet and delete.

But you just cast 18.9 million women into slavery, David (and the rest of you Democrats). You own that.

As for the redistricting thing, it has long been the policy of the NH Democrat party to airdrop out-of-state campaign workers and others into whatever district they need extra votes. You are the party of no more electoral college. You erase election protections and want anyone to vote here, whether they can and should “vote by mail” somewhere else.

You are the party of no borders, whining about masks and vaccines and passports. At the same time, you applaud Taliban Joe for transporting untested, undocumented, unvaccinated illegal aliens from the humanitarian crisis he created at the southern border, all over the country in the dead of night.

The only thing you got right, David, was getting it all wrong so we could rub it in your face.

And not just yours, the rest of your Party as well. So, thank you for that.