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Advice: If the Government Calls Don’t Answer

My landline is not long for this world, but that is no longer the last beachhead for spam or scam calls. They call your mobile too, though I have the same rule for both. If the number is not identifiable, you get voicemail no matter how badly you want to extend my vehicle’s warranty.

“Medicare for All” – Soviet style healthcare

“…Dems are forgetting to tell you that private insurance will be banned under their scheme”  by Betsy McCaughey President Barack Obama made a stunning policy shift Friday, endorsing Medicare for All — a single-payer health system for the nation. Most Democrats contending for the 2020 presidential nomination and many Dems vying for congressional seats this fall …

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I Just Received an Email from Capt. Steve Rogers. I Kid You Not.

I know there are gullible people and I get that folks don’t know what they don’t know but this is hilarious. A very serious email from Capt. Steve Rogers. No, not Captain America, the Steve Rogers who used to be a Nigerian Prince who has a secret fortune to share if I am willing got subject myself …

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Has California Decided That Coffee Doesn’t Cause Cancer After All?

Back on April 1st, we reported on a ruling by a Judge in Los Angeles. A non-profit had sued 90 coffee companies claiming they had violated Prop 65 which required them to warn customers about a chemical in brewed coffee (acrylamide) that could lead to cancer. Two months along and something has changed.