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Is The NH Dem Petition Against Baldasaro A Fraud?

If you missed it, a State party Democrat (David Robinson), speaking for a left wing Veterans group ( is part and parcel to an effort by the New Hampshire Democrat Party to petition House Speaker O’Brien to remove Republican Al Baldasaro as Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. None of the reporting to date, other than here at GraniteGrok, has identified the group or Robinson as Democrat-backed or connected. But there’s news about the petition they plan to give to O’Brien.

If you go to, you can see the petition set up by the New Hampshire Democrat Party, but the list of signatories is not accessible just by visiting the petition page. One thing we do know however is that of the ten names we can see, seven of them are from out of state.

Is it safe to say that when the NHDP gets to its goal of 750 that more than half of the signers will be from outside the state? I’d be willing to bet it is higher than that. Just like their campaign funding.

So we have the press refusing to report that VoteVets is a left wing front group with ties to, that David Robinson is a Democrat party operative, and that we have a petition that is probably filled with signatures of people who do not even live in New Hampshire.

Just like the progressive party to present a petition filled with the names of people from outside the state to try and make a point. I wonder if they had to dress up in chicken suits before they signed it?