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The Lincoln Project Was an Exercise In Graft And Not Much Else

The Lincoln Project

Recent research reveals that the Lincoln Project not only failed to move anyone politically it has admitted that this was (more or less) never the point. It collected and spent billions in what amounts to masturbation and money-laundering.

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If we’re getting “technical” it’s not so much masturbation as jerking other people…around.

The Lincon Project collected billions, some of which we can imagine is from giddy Dems funding a so-called Republican smear machine to troll Trump. I guess the 24/7/36 Media wasn’t enough for them?

They collected a lot of other people’s money for what amounts to nothing. A Democrat PC did some research. They concluded that even the most popular ad to echo around the chamber that is Twitter did not move one single vote away from Trump.

When asked about it the Lincoln Project was like, sure, that’s probably right.

Both Wilson and Galen are sharing The Daily Beast article and hailing it as if it’s some great piece of journalism, along with making excuses on Twitter that their ads met their target. Failure to persuade? No, no, it was deliberate—we didn’t really want to persuade anyone—we just wanted to own Trump and the Republicans! See what we did there? Aren’t we clever?! Hah, hah, hah!

A group of campaign failures, one of whom is New Hampshire’s not-so-beloved Jennifer Horn, pretended to be the Clinton Global Initiative. An administratively top-heavy organization that collects billions, mostly to pay itself for existing, and little else.

In that, they should be applauded. They were very successful. Much like the government, they’ll get from supporting a cool cat like Joe Biden – should his dreams of stealing an election come to fruition. A lot of overhead with very little output and what there is of that doesn’t work or mean much. Just that someone inside a machine greased with the labor of others got a paycheck.

That’s the Lincon Project. And its Democrat donors can’t be the least bit upset about getting taken to the cleaners because that’s what they vote for every chance they get.

If you’ve got time for the weeds you can wander in them here.