Danish Meteorological Institute: Arctic Sea Ice Volume at 11-Year High - Granite Grok

Danish Meteorological Institute: Arctic Sea Ice Volume at 11-Year High

DMI Sea Ice Volume 2018

The Ice-Free Arctic narrative continues to struggle as both expert, and armchair predictions come up “short” again and again. The Danish Meteorological Institute reports that Arctic Sea ice volume is above the 15-year mean and at an 11-year high.

Some may say, so what?

Hyperbole (see also scaremongering) is the grass-fed beef and fare trade potatoes of the latte-sipping climate-cult crowd. Its purpose is to manufacture a crisis to justify the state-sanctioned plunder and redistribution of private wealth (your money) to public projects (their friends and allies) that inevitably result in richer liberals and fatter campaign coffers.

This scheme fuels their private jets with fossil fuels, which they fly to global conferences, to debate how next to frighten you into letting them steal from you again.

These people make their living off this scam. So every piece of evidence that hints at there incompetence reminds us that,

a) they continue to be wrong about this, and in most cases everything having to do with climate (and even weather).

b) it’s a scam.

Sea Ice Arctic Thickness June 2018

The Climate Cult is redirecting billions of dollars annually away from useful and productive purposes to those that serve no real-world good. All while continuing to lie about the failure of their models (and themselves) to “predict” anything but how much more of our money they will need to fix a problem that does not exist.

As an aside, here’s one small example of how the fraud works.

KITTERY, Maine — Following a failure of electricity production, mechanical issues and bankruptcy of the installation company, the last chapter of the town’s 2008 wind turbine is likely removal.

The town “invested” in what was probably a highly subsidized taxpayer-backed wind company, to install a single turbine.

Colorado-based Entegrity Wind Systems constructed the turbine on a $185,000 bid, with the intention of providing energy for the transfer station and nearby Shapleigh Middle School.

The most optimistic “savings” potential when the plan was approved was $8,000.00 per year in electricity costs. Forgetting every other failure that followed, it would take 23 years with no other costs for operation or maintenance for that single turbine to save enough money to cover the initial installation costs.

If any of the town or city council members are still serving they should be voted out of office.

More so as reality settled in to pummel what was evidently little more than environmental virtue-signaling spurred on by the white-noise (is that racist?) from the Climate Cult’s deacdes-long narrative fraud. The assessment of how much wind was an act of fraud.

According to published reports, Entegrity, citing an analysis of wind maps for the site, estimated the turbine would produce 80,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which, at 2007?s 10 cents per kilowatt hour costs of electricity, meant $8,000 per year in savings for the town.
However, in 2009, Entegrity visited the transfer station and revealed to then-Town Manager Jon Carter that the area was never properly sited and the turbine would not produce the promised electricity. The town was assured reimbursements, but Entegrity went bankrupt within a few months and the town was not able to recoup its losses, according to a recent report produced by Kittery Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee members outlining recommendations for the fate of the turbine.

Denmark, which didn’t just dip a toe into the fraudulent waters, has discovered the economic consequences ao it’s commitment.

Sout Australia reduced its available supply of electricity to that of a third world country after it’s embrace of Green Energy.

England and Germany both have had to rethink their reactionary rush to appear like global leaders in what turned out to be lessons in what not to do.

Pour millions or even billions into production supports, price discounts, and tax rebates, the result of which was an incredibly expensive experiment in wasting other people’s money to issue green tinted press releases.

It’s all a fraud. Stop letting them do it. Don’t vote any more of them in and get rid of the ones you already have before they waste any more of your money.