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BlogQuestion of the Day: Free? Free? Free?

“All these Democratic candidates want free college for everyone. Which one worked for free as a professor?”

Actually, have any of them ever worked professionally for free?

I’m not talking about the lawyers in the bunch doing the occasional pro-bono work, or the others doing something free on an occasional basis.  The question is, how long have they worked PROFESSIONALLY over a long period of time for free? At anything?

Yet, they are depending that their base of voters during this Democrat Primary truly believe in fairy dust and unicorns that higher education, in which those being “educated” (in today’s environment, one can’t be too sure, thus the scare quotes) that there is no cost at all. We, however, on the other side of the aisle know EXACTLY who will pay for it – and we shouldn’t be happy at all over this blatant attempt of these foul politicians pandering to their “young base” for votes by, yet again, greedily taking money from others to give to potential voters simply to make themselves look good. TANSTAAFL.

And each and everyone of those Democrat Prez Wannabees is quite aware of the con and scam they are running.

(H/T: Instapundit)