I Just Received an Email from Capt. Steve Rogers. I Kid You Not. - Granite Grok

I Just Received an Email from Capt. Steve Rogers. I Kid You Not.

I know there are gullible people and I get that folks don’t know what they don’t know but this is hilarious. A very serious email from Capt. Steve Rogers. No, not Captain America, the Steve Rogers who used to be a Nigerian Prince who has a secret fortune to share if I am willing got subject myself to identity theft.

Hello, I am Capt Steve, an officer in the US Army, and also a West Point Graduate presently serving in the Military with the 82nd Air Borne Division Peace keeping force currently deployed in Afghanistan.

We were moved to Afghanistan from Iraq as the last batch just left, and i really need your help in assisting me with the safe keeping of two military trunk boxes which I will be concluding with the delivery company on your response to my mail. I hope you can be trusted? You will be rewarded handsomely if you could help me secure the trunks until I conclude my service here.

Nevertheless, reconfirm the following informations and contact me immediately. 1.Name: 2.Address: 3.Telephone: 4.Occupation: 5.Copy of drivers license: If you can be trusted, i will explain further when i get a response from you

God Bless America.
Capt Steve Rogers

I had heard that West Point had stopped capitalizing “i” but i hadn’t seen proof of that until today. Still looks sketchy so i don’t think i’ll be confirming my “informations.”