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NH DOJ Has Page for COVID19 Scams But No Mention of Scams Run by State Government


Not every unscrupulous cad succeeds in running for public office. Many of them freelance. Those ‘scammers’ don’t use the law to separate you from your property or your rights, so they are outlaws. And in NH, your state too, I expect, we have a page to alert us about unauthorized COVID19 scams.

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Nowhere on that page does it list any of Governor Sununu’s COVID19 executive orders.

Not unexpected but disappointing.

Each of these should have a section on what the State of New Hampshire has done, of which residents need to be wary. Not the least of which are scams targeting aging adults.

The highest percentage of deaths blamed on COVID19 in New Hampshire comes from our Long Term Care facilities. Put another way, people in the care of the state are more likely to die due to our COVID19 response than anyone else.

This is not the first time I’ve said that, but it has yet to sink in, so repeat it we must.

If “public health trump’s everything” is the excuse that justifies ramming an endless stream of usurpations of our rights down upon us (regardless of our health or their impact upon it), should they not at least – in their most compact form – provide the best possible results?

As usual, the answer is no.

People for whom the state is directly responsible have proven to be those benefiting least from the state’s demands on our liberty.

The more the state does, the greater are your odds of ceasing to exist. A lesson we’ve learned many times before in the arc of human history but have yet to take seriously, even in American.

Even in a state whose motto is Live Free or Die.*

*Some conditions apply. See rules and restrictions.