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Advice: If the Government Calls Don’t Answer


My landline is not long for this world, but that is no longer the last beachhead for spam or scam calls. They call your mobile too, though I have the same rule for both. If the number is not identifiable, you get voicemail no matter how badly you want to extend my vehicle’s warranty.

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But it’s not just them.


Scammers have bilked $3.2 million from unsuspecting Bay State residents who fell for a lie that the caller was from the FBI or another government agency. … The same ruse was used in Rhode Island ($412,878 scammed), New Hampshire ($89,382) and in Maine ($32,252), according to the FBI. …

The warning comes as incessant robocalls and scams continue to increase — from bogus FEMA funeral assistance offers to the ubiquitous Amazon ruse where callers are told they are due a refund if they share banking information.


I’ve gotten sketchy voicemails from the “IRS” (trash). My PayPal account has been locked every week for as long as I can remember (email alert). That one goes with the rest of the spam, but you get the idea. Trust no one, especially if you’ve no idea who or what they are about, and that includes the government (more now than ever). And according to the government,


The FBI warned Wednesday that federal agencies “do not call or email individuals threatening arrest or demanding money.” If that does happen, and if it comes from an FBI or some agency phone number, “hang up immediately and report the call.” 

If the FBI wants you they’ll come knocking.


Yes, yes, they will.