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California Follows New Hampshire – Uses Carbon Credit Scam Fund For ‘Budget Bail Money’


New Hampshire is famous for its dedicated funds. Dedicated to whatever the spenders in Concord need when revenues don’t come in as predicted. For the record that’s primarily a Democrat problem but it’s a problem with a purpose.

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You add new taxes, overestimate revenues. If you’ve got one-time federal money, pretend that’s recurring. Then spend it all. When reality fails to meet fantasy, and that is deliberate, you declare a desperate need to sustain critical programs (raise more taxes), and you repeat the process.

In the interim, there’s this pesky problem of balanced budgets. To paper over the fiscal blood on the walls, it becomes necessary to come up with some money. You could sell a stretch of highway from one department to another and claim the proceeds as a positive cash flow. It’s been done. You can also raid every couch-cushion in reach. Like the highway fund or pay a visit to the greenhouse gas emissions laundromat.

As regards the latter we have millions fisked from ratepayers through a third-party enforcer. It’s just sitting there. It doesn’t know it’s supposed to pay for weather stripping or more-efficient office lighting (things no business or homeowner could possibly be expected to address on their own). They could spend that on anything. And they have, which is what California is doing.

Gov. Newsom asked for a new 140 million water tax. Seems the money the state might have allocated for ongoing work went to something else. Windmills, commuter rail to nowhere, fulfilling it’s the obligation to the Paris Accords, fraud, or perhaps poop and needle patrols.

The legislature thought a water tax was a bit too oppressive. But the declining into a third-world nation-state that is California still wanted to appear to be seen doing something to clean up contaminated water. Oh, look, Carbon scheme money. It’s just sitting there.

Well, that’s a dedicated fund, governor. We use it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Well, guess what. This will do that.

Newsom’s office said that communities with tainted water need bottled water delivered in trucks that pollute the air. If the water supply is cleaned, that will reduce vehicle emissions.

Ta Da!

Problem solved, except it’s not. California will waste that money and find themselves in need of more taxes. Democrats still run it and there is no such thing as enough.

And that’s why New Hampshire Democrats voted to end giving you back most of the laundered money lifted from your utility bills every month. Republicans refunded the majority of RGGI taxes. Democrats have spent it; they just don’t know on what until the revenue falls short and the “bill” comes due. So, they want to make sure they’ve got as much slush fund as they can mismanage.