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Green Choice

RGGICarbon schemes like RGGI do not work.  They have failed everywhere they have been tried.  They are waste of time but they are also dangerous.

The tax is invisible.  It shows up in the cost of every good and service, it accumulates in your home electric bill, your tax bill (governments use energy too) and every other bill you pay.

The cost of the credits that cost increases offset can go up based on forces external to the State.  Talk about outside money?  Anyone can drive up the cost which you must then bear in every part of your life.  Sure, it is low now, but that was not the plan.  If the economy picks up, those costs will rise, so the tax will rise.

Finally, this is a tax that can increase without ever seeing a public hearing.  No one will testify.  No one you vote for will be held to account for the tax increase.  You will just pay more.

The only mechanism you do have to stop this unaccountable, broad based shadow tax, is to repeal it.

As for the people,politicians, and business that support it?  Feel free to keep paying it.  Think of it as Green Choice.


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