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Reliability of Iowa Democrat Result

Adam Schiff and the Russian Jerky Boys

Asking Ukraine for investigatory help is their basis for impeachment. That is the narrative being brought forward by Team Pelosi. Team Pelosi has team captains Cummings, Nadler, and Schiff hard at work.

The Whistleblower Complaint was Filed on Nothing More than Hearsay

There is a whistleblower. The whistleblower did lodge a complaint with the intelligence community inspector general. The complaint is about communications between President Trump and the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. There is an issue with the complaint. The person who made it did not have “direct knowledge.”

Immigration Policy

Strong immigration policy is foundational to remaining a nation. It is part of what has made the United States exceptional. Today the debate over immigration and border security is toxic. Many are simply paralyzed on the issue. The result is the security of all Americans is being held hostage. The Marxist open borders agenda is …

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American Federal Character

Americans should contemplate the under appreciated federal aspect of independence. We obsess about the size and strength of the national government. But it was our ancestors’ desire to govern themselves. They contemplated doing it in legislative bodies much closer than the British Parliament. That brought about the Declaration of Independence. How we got here… Have we …

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Volinsky Lies. It Was NOT About Abortion.

This: Tyrion’s (hereinafter I shall refer to Volinsky as Tyrion in accordance with my latest nom-de-twitter for him #TyrionVolinsky) piece tells us much more about Tyrion’s qualifications to be Governor than it does about MaxDonald’s qualifications to sit on the New Hampshire Supreme Court. More specifically, Tyrion views the judiciary as a Super-Legislature that only …

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Federal Subsidy of California’s Sanctuary Policies

Gavin Newsom’s election as Governor of California came after saying his plan was to expand Medicare. He said he would cover every Californian, even illegal immigrants. Tuesday this week, Newsom signed into state law, State Bill 104. The bill extends health care benefits to illegal immigrants under Medicaid. We don’t need no Rule of Law… …

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Which Side Are You On Congressmen?… Which Side Are You On?

From an article by Houston Keene at the Independent Journal Review: Speaker Pelosi was in New York on Monday. During the event she was discussing immigration policy. In her remarks the Speaker said she believed President Donald Trump‘s postponed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids were “outside the circle of civilized human behavior” and “appalling.” …

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