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WMUR Pushes the Democrat Impeachment-Hoax

Ray Buckley


So … here we have WMUR’s Johnny D … as in DISHONEST … repeating the DemocRAT memes that (1) differences over “national security” policy are an impeachable offense (more on this poppycock below) and (2) that President Trump jeopardized “national security” by engaging in a quid pro quo with Ukraine … a quid pro quo which the transcript of the President’s call with the Ukrainian President … which was publicly available at the time of Johnny DISHONEST’s tweet … shows never happened.

Johnny D … as in DISHONEST … was essentially retweeting a tweet by Ray Buckley’s apparatchiks, but making it appear as a comment on his “article” (see tweet within his tweet):

… which is why I alternatively refer to him as #FatLazyAndBiased.

Needless to say, this is not journalism. Differences over “national security” policy are not “high crimes and misdemeanors” that justify impeaching an elected President. If they were, then every President ever elected should have been impeached.

And, moreover, not only is there no quid pro quo … “you investigate Biden or I continue to withhold US. military aid” … in the transcript of the conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian President, the Ukrainians were not even aware that the aid had been delayed … which blows away the DemocRATS’ “implicit” quid pro quo poppycock.

Leaving this context out, as Johnny D … as in DISHONEST … did is advocacy, not journalism.

And another thing, the “article” by Johnny DISHONEST … see his tweet within his tweet … was essentially glorified plagiarism of an article in the anti-Trump Washington Post that Ray Buckley’s apparatchiks had been promoting:

Johnny DISHONEST a/k/a #FatLazyAndBiased … yet again … shows that he is just a mouthpiece for Ray Buckley.