ICE Deportation Raids to Begin Sunday Started Saturday - Granite Grok

ICE Deportation Raids to Begin Sunday Started Saturday

Pelosi cheat sheet for statement about ice raids

It was in all the papers. Trump announces ICE raids to deport illegal aliens begin early Sunday. But ICE started their operation on Saturday. The Left is claiming these folks have rights. So, what’s the deal?

You can climb the leftist food chain from the curbside to the Speaker of the US House, and the message is the same.  Illegal Aliens have rights.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio tweeted that he received reports of attempted but reportedly unsuccessful ICE enforcement actions in Sunset Park and Harlem on Saturday.

‘Remember: you have rights. Call 311 and say ActionNYC for help.’

Pelosi stated that if ICE doesn’t have an order signed by a judge, they don’t have to let them in the door. There’s nothing wrong with saying that if it’s true. But what she fails to share is this.

According to ICE, these immigrants were given deportation orders by a judge for failing to appear in court, also received notification from the agency, CBS reported.

The individuals or families in question are here illegally. They have been ordered to report before a judge. The only reason ICE has to go collect them is that they failed or refused to do that. And according to the White House, many of the names on their list are wanted for other crimes.

If Pelosi and company are so concerned about the rule of law, why are illegal aliens above the law?

| Daily Mail

Image: Daily Mail – (Pelosi read from a card with information about how to handle ICE raids earlier this week)