AG Barr Appoints John Durham

The Associated Press ( ) and New York Times ( ) are carrying stories reporting that Attorney General Barr has appointed the U.S Attorney in Connecticut, John Durham an investigatory task. He is charged with the duty to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation. This is to include whether or not the intelligence collection actions, the spying, on the Trump campaign were necessary and properly handled.

Credible choice for a needed task

John Durham is a credible choice for carrying out the needed task. The nation needs to know the truth. Attorney General Barr understands the need to restore credibility to the DoJ and FBI. As a nation we need to step back from the partisan political vitriol. We should decide whether this country does or does not want to rest upon the rule of law.

What we know at this point is that there are two lines of inquiry in need of clarity. There are significant questions about the use of governmental agencies for attacking the political opposition by the prior administration. There are issues surrounding the sourcing of intelligence and methodology attendant to its acquisition and use.

We need transparency and credibility

It appears the Mueller investigation was an over reach. It spent two years and tens of millions of dollars spent on a sixty lawyer team. Yet, it did not bringing charges. There’s an old saying: Prosecutors can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. However, in this case they didn’t. This might indicate there isn’t much to support a charge.

We have endured two years of voluminous partisan media half truths, misdirection, and selective reporting. Perhaps getting factual information out in a legally sanctioned way can start a healing process. At a minimum it can provide needed transparency the prior administration was so loathe to provide.