A few things I will never understand. - Granite Grok

A few things I will never understand.

Rodins THinker

1. How 2 atoms smashing together created the galaxy, and as far as we know, infinite galaxies. I mean they are experimenting with this with the CERN accelerator and we don’t have more galaxies being made.

2. How the ancients moved 100 million ton blocks of granite hundreds of miles, got them into caves, chiseled with bronze perfect 90-degree angles. A feat we can’t accomplish today with modern technology.

3. How a person who had dirt on the world, got so wealthy and how he was killed in a federal prison where the guards just happen to fall asleep and the cameras just happen not to work. Proof we are controlled by oligarchs.

4. Why we spend billions on theatre wars yet can’t seem to figure out how to feed the hungry. It’s not a lack of money issue. Climate Control? How about feeding the damn starving, unless that is part of the agenda.

5. Why the current president is being fraudulently investigated, impeached and what is next. Tens of millions spent in this sham which validates #4. And the corruption is generational so again validates #4, it is not about the people. Yet HRC walks free after receiving hundreds of millions illegally, mishandled top-secret data, received hundreds of millions in “donations”. Yet people are backing the sham and saying she should run.

6. How are battery operated cars better for the environment when they destroy the earth to get the components to make the batteries, then eventually those batteries are discarded.

This is not meant to be political by any means rather philosophical. If you are mature and conscious you will understand.

There is a deep hypocrisy in this world and two, maybe 3, sets of rules. Stop the madness and feed the hungry.

Enough is enough. Legalize marijuana, so many cures in it yet big pharma blocks it.

It is only about profits. More and more profits. It is not about humans. They say it is to garner your support. But it is only about profits.

Profits at the expensive of life are evil. Open your eyes.


by John Moscillo | Facebook