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Rebuild NH

Petition: Ban Masks in NH Public Schools

Last night, Concord public schools voted to require Concord public school children to wear masks during the 2021-22 school year. Exeter will be taking up the topic tomorrow, and Nashua will vote on August 9.

Harvard Leaders sheep

Harvard’s Flock of Future Leaders

On the eve of President Trump’s departure from office, and following the recent mayhem at the Capitol, Democrats and the left have engaged in what can only be called a feeding frenzy.

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Petition: Demand for Full Audit/Recount of NH Election

One of our MeWe group members has started a petition at Conservative  “We, the undersigned, hereby demand that a complete audit … be performed prior to The Governor’s and The Executive Council’s proposed certification of ballots on December the Second, 2020.”

Live Free End the Lockdown

Governor Sununu is Wrong

This Saturday at noon there is a rally planned in front of the NH State House. The message is this. There is no sensible reason to force the entire state to endure a lockdown when the majority of cases are confined to two counties.


Petition to Stop Hateful, Bigoted Nashua Rep from Being Censured

You may recall a recent post in which NH House Representative Deb Stevens (Nashua) was outed for her hatred, vitriol and bigotry towards Trump supporters. In case you missed her post on her public, official NH Representative page: Well, it seems many people across the state, and not just in her district, saw this outrageous …

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