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Live Free End the Lockdown

Governor Sununu is Wrong

This Saturday at noon there is a rally planned in front of the NH State House. The message is this. There is no sensible reason to force the entire state to endure a lockdown when the majority of cases are confined to two counties.

Petition to Stop Hateful, Bigoted Nashua Rep from Being Censured

You may recall a recent post in which NH House Representative Deb Stevens (Nashua) was outed for her hatred, vitriol and bigotry towards Trump supporters. In case you missed her post on her public, official NH Representative page: Well, it seems many people across the state, and not just in her district, saw this outrageous …

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Impeach Nancy Pelosi for crimes of Treason!

I’ve received several requests to share this. It is a petition to impeach Nancy Pelosi. Now, I think we know, that’s not going to happen. It takes significant pressure just to get Democrats to frown at the antics of their ideological peers. But this is out there.

Ask a Stupid Question and Get…

… affirmation or a new frightening clarity. Depending on one’s observational qualities, the vide clip below will either: A) affirm your belief that many of your fellow Americans are dangerously uninformed sheeple, too happy-go-banality to know that they’re in trouble and unable to do anything about it; or B) eradicate the blithe faith that you …

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Adoption “Advocates” Have No Sense of Humor?

In the new Avengers movie, Thor is defending his brother Loki–the arch villain in the film–when he is reminded by Black Widow that Loki has killed 80 people in two days.  Thor replies, “he’s adopted.” I laughed.  The theater laughed.  It was funny. But not to Mara Parker from Trinidad, California.  She was offended and …

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Is The NH Dem Petition Against Baldasaro A Fraud?

If you go to can you see the petition set up by the New Hampshire Democrat Party, but the list of signatories is not accessible just by visiting the petition page. One thing we do know is that of the ten names we can see, seven of them are from out of state.