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Petition to Stop Hateful, Bigoted Nashua Rep from Being Censured


You may recall a recent post in which NH House Representative Deb Stevens (Nashua) was outed for her hatred, vitriol and bigotry towards Trump supporters. In case you missed her post on her public, official NH Representative page:

Well, it seems many people across the state, and not just in her district, saw this outrageous post and decided to actually do something about it. Many apparently filed ethics complaints demanding the NH House Speaker, Stephen Shurtleff, do something about her clear ethics violation. From the NH House ethics guidelines document:

Principle of Conduct

Legislators shall treat each other, legislative employees, and the public with dignity and respect.

Stevens hardly treated the public with dignity and respect. In fact, she treated her own constituents in a hateful, bigoted, completely disrespectful manner.

And because many people complained, now others are asking Shurtleff to ‘Stand up for Women in the NH Legislature.’ Of course, they only mean Democrat women, not Republican women.

Independent and Republican woman have been physically attacked by Democrat legislators and nothing was done to remove them from committees, censure them or force them to resign. It’s OKAY to launch physical violence, vitriol, bigotry and hatred against women who disagree with the extremists of the left-wing ilk in the NH House. Shurtleff has allowed female Democrat representatives to behave in the most abhorrent of ways, bringing the NH Legislature to an all new low. Of course, the petition doesn’t mention the horrific behavior of Democrat reps.

From the petition, which is mostly filled with lies (par for the course with NH Democrats):

“We ask that Steve Shurtleff not censure Representative Debra Stevens, Ward 7, Nashua in any way and that instead, he speak about the importance of respect in public discourse and the responsibility that comes with free speech.

We ask that he draw the distinction between cyber bullying and public discourse and the importance in understanding the difference.

We believe that this current request to censure Rep. Stevens represents an effort to silence those who speak out against the anti-gun control extremists.

We also believe that this represents their next effort in harassing Rep. Stevens, as their first attempt, using her political page was not successful.

We ask that Steve Shurtleff not allow himself or the House rules to be used as a political cudgel for extremists who wish to silence their opposition.

Stevens posted the above statement on her public Facebook page and didn’t like being called out for stating she’d Red Flag law-abiding gun owners simply because they are Trump supporters. It proves her own psychosis and why she does indeed need to ‘up her meds‘ yet the left is trying to claim SHE is some sort of victim of ‘cyber bullying?’

What Stevens did is bullying. What Stevens did is vitriolic and hateful. What Stevens did was NOT to have a discourse over the destructive Red Flag law coming up for a vote this week but was to let her own constituents know that she’d use Bloomberg’s Red Flag law against them if they dare happen to be Trump supporters.

What Stevens DID was violate the ethical guidelines of the NH House.

So while this petition claims to be about ‘free speech’ (it’s not), they neglect to realize the hypocritical IRONY that Stevens is claiming if one of her constituents dares to use his or her ACTUAL free speech and is a Trump supporter, she’ll ‘red flag’ them.

Of course, nothing will be done about it. Shurtleff seems to be a ball-less boy wonder when it comes to actually leading the house on these matters. Oh, he’ll knock Republicans off committees for far, far, FAR less that what Stevens and other female Democrat NH House Representatives have done (including one who pleaded guilty to physically ASSAULTING an elderly woman) but he’s too much of a coward to stand up for NH citizens or what is right.

UPDATE: Right after posting this someone shared a NEW petition to Shurtleff only this one makes much more sense:

The divisive and volatile comments made by several of the NH Democratic women serving in the NH House of Representatives are beneath the reputation and history of the House.

In the name of equality stop coddling the Democrat women of the NH House and give them the same consequences that were handed down to male members who were accused of similar discretions.

Treating women with kids gloves is chauvinistic, misogynistic, and patronizing to all women.

We ask that Speaker Shurtleff stand up for the integrity of NH House and all those have served within those same walls