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Scott Morales

I’m a software guy with a penchant for football, hockey, music, current events and politics -- mostly current events and politics. Having driven several conversations to silence while discussing the latter items, it has been intimated that I should blog about it; to purge it from my system so that we may return to enjoying social events and cocktail parties. Kind of like drawing venom from a snakebite so that the body may return to health. The body, in this clumsy metaphor, is the social life of my wife:0) So, game on! I’ve got opinions and I hope to persuade and look forward, in return, to be persuaded.

Gun-Violence Restraining Order

I just read this piece by David French at NRO. At first read, I was, and am still, skeptical and a little suspicious. But he makes some good arguments and does address the due process problem found in the other list approaches where the list restricts someones access to firearms without recourse and thus obliterating …

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Inbox Funny: Robot Bartender

Found this today in my inbox. Thought I’d share. Kind of sums up my thinking. A man goes into a bar in NYC where there’s a robot bartender. The robot asks, “What will you have?” The guy replies “Whiskey.” The robot brings back his drink and asks “What’s your IQ?” The guy says “168.” The …

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Evolution of Racism and Sexism By Party

Democrats had it right for just a bit there, but just couldn’t help themselves and had to plunge back into fetid swamp of identity politics. They’re a weird bunch, to be sure.

The Left’s Sexual Assault and Rape Epidemic

Given the seemingly unyielding deluge of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape news pouring out about Hollywood, the mainstream media, and many other lefty zones of activity (academia, NPR, and ooh, I just heard about David Corn–figures), doesn’t it seem like that maybe one reason slimes like those in the news today howl on about …

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