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Petition: Tell the American Library Association to Stop Pushing Drag Queens on Our Kids

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If the Drag Queen conversion movement is part of the culture war (it is), then the American Library Association (ALA) is one of its Generals. Promoting and funding Drag Queen Story Hour’s that put sell sex-performers as gender reformers for children.

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We’ve no shortage of stories on the matter. And what has continued to be more telling than the events themselves is how even liberal local organizers refuse attempts at transparency. No one wants to admit how the events were arranged or by whom. The performer’s names are hidden, their Drag Queen names shortened in event announcements. All in the pursuit of advocacy in public spaces and often at taxpayer expense.

However, you want to frame it libraries are being used as safe-spaces to indoctrinate minors into a bizarre modern sex-culture. Where garishly dressed men pretend to be women selling gender dysphoria as if it were the opiate of the masses.

LifeSiteNews has a petition asking the ALA to get out of the gender dysphoria factory business.

The American Library Association must immediately STOP its promotion of this outrageous, dangerous and abusive activity in America’s libraries.

These story hours use the library’s privileged position in the community, as a source of knowledge, to introduce children to sexual concepts which are well beyond their understanding.

This is not a suitable use for public libraries. 

As we’ve noted more than once, this worldview is little more than a promise of a life entangled by substance abuse where more than half will attempt suicide, and 4 in 10 will succeed. That’s a death sentence.

The ALA supports this and whenever possible parents are left in the dark (what, not Proud?). And while the ALA may not care to hear it, they need to know there is no consensus of support for this to continue.

You can learn more about DQSH and the petition here. There are also links to other resources.