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Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter Signed Climate Emergency Petition

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It only seems appropriate that a petition peddled as a serious warning by “scientists” about the angry climate gods was signed by climatology experts like Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter.

What would be even more amusing would be a column that shows who relies on government grants (for climate Science). Whom among these “respected” so-called experts works for a government or university that receives grants or funding for climate cult-related research.

I think this would make that list look a bit different. A petition from Catholic Cardinals declaring that they all believe in God.

Access to the 11,000 name-petition that accompanied a statement of concern published in BioScience on Tuesday was blocked on Thursday.

A statement issued by ­Oregon State University said “an administrative error unfortunately saw the inclusion of a small number of invalid names.”

Some have suggested that politicians wear jackets like racecar drivers with their sponsor’s logos pasted all over them. Anyone claiming to be or elevated by science or the media as a climate expert should as well. 

We are being milked for billions globally by thousands of individuals over a theory that cannot be questioned. For which there can be no debate. Over which the science is settled. And yet, it does not concern enough people that this is precisely how the Medieval Church in Europe is portrayed.

Doubters will be pilloried, excommunicated, scorned, or silenced.

It’s a disservice to Mickey Mouse who, while also fictional, has at least provided some value to the world.