Adoption "Advocates" Have No Sense of Humor? - Granite Grok

Adoption “Advocates” Have No Sense of Humor?

Black Widow - The Avengers MovieIn the new Avengers movie, Thor is defending his brother Loki–the arch villain in the film–when he is reminded by Black Widow that Loki has killed 80 people in two days.  Thor replies, “he’s adopted.”

I laughed.  The theater laughed.  It was funny.

But not to Mara Parker from Trinidad, California.  She was offended and now there is a ‘Human Rights’ petition at that almost no one has signed, expressing this cinematic outrage against adopted persons.

This cheap line for cheap laughs is a slap in the face to every adopted person. It implies there is something wrong with us simply because we are adopted.

I’m adopted.  I’m not outraged by the movie, the joke, or even by Mara Parker taking offense.  She’s adopted, and she seems to have some issues with that and the State of California.  But who doesn’t have issues with the state of California?

If you really want to be offended consider that the rest of the US adopted California and it’s been “killing” American jobs for years.


H/T Breitbart